Why buy a cat an interactive toy?

Why buy a cat an interactive toy?

Interactive toys are designed to keep your furry friend active, because movement is just as important for animals as it is for us. These special toys will keep him entertained, motivate him to hunt and keep his attention while you're at work, for example, where you can't pay attention to your pet. Do you know how to tell if your cat is bored?

When your cat has a long moment

Do you know what your cat does at home while you're at work? Get a home camera for her! However, you can often observe her "bored" behaviour at home too, for example, if she takes too much care of her coat, which will show up over time with bald patches on her belly or tail. You will also notice the scratched furniture or doors, the constant seeking of your attention and the excessive activity of your cat running back and forth around the apartment. Alternatively, it may be suffering from unusual lethargy, which can be a sign of serious health problems.

Awaken her instincts and encourage natural playfulness and hunting!

Domestic cats have a long moment because they are used to having everything under their noses. So don't let them get used to it! For example, get them the ingenious Dreams toy, which allows them to get treats for trying. The cat has to roll the treat-filled toy around on the floor until the reward falls out through the open windows. This toy can also help your cat overeat, and since it contains food, we guarantee it will really keep any cat entertained.

Herbs for cats

Classic textile toys filled with "cat" herbs are also very popular, namely catnip or goat's milk. The smell of these herbs drives cats crazy and they are able to "cuddle" with such a toy for hours.

The still unknown cat laser

Many cat households still have no idea about an automatic laser that will keep your "furry children" entertained when you don't have time for them. This laser catches the attention of cats like flies in the apartment, which they immediately start hunting. The laser beam changes positions, there are even two speed settings. Investing in this toy will really pay off in the long run.

Other essentials

Wherever there is a cat, definitely don't forget a quality scratching post to sharpen its claws. She may also enjoy a feather rod, an automatic snake that can crawl on the ground, a water fish, a ball tower or a ball trail.

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