Collection: Dog food

Superpremium dog food from the Czech manufacturer ZV1 is without exaggeration the top of the market. Each of the 6 offered variants was created in cooperation with veterinarians, nutritionists and drew on the experience of hundreds of ordinary breeders.

Choose the right food based on the breed, size, age and level of physical activity of your dog. Your four-legged friend will appreciate a complete diet with high dietetic value:

  • Increase stress resistance
  • Support immunity
  • Care for teeth, coat, joints and tendons
  • Milk thistle for increased liver resistance
  • Higher doses of vitamin C and minerals
  • Source of omega 3 fatty acids for proper vision, brain and heart function
  • Excellent digestibility and absorption of all nutrients
  • Probiotics for ideal intestinal microflora ratio
  • Non-allergenic
The result is a long and happy life for your dog, in whose company you feel so good.